Marius Petipa


Acclaimed as the greatest ballet choreographer ever to have lived, the French-born ballet master Marius Petipa spent nearly sixty years working at the Imperial Ballet Theatre and its successor the Imperial Mariinsky Theatre. In that time he staged over sixty original ballets and developed his troupe to be undisputedly the finest ballet company in Europe. He was the central figure in Russia’s golden age of ballet, and as such he probably did more than any other person to establish St. Petersburg as a cultural center to rival the great capitals of Old Europe.

Ballets by Marius Petipa

(*marked performances documented in choreographic notations from the Harvard Theatre Collection at Houghton Library)

Paquita* (Deldevez) 1847
Satanilla, or Love and Hell (Benoist, Reber) 1848
А Marriage During the Regency (Pugni) 1858
The Parisian Market (Pugni) 1859
The Blue Dahlia (Pugni) 1860
The Pharaoh’s Daughter* (Pugni) 1862
Le Corsaire* (Adam, Pugni, Oldenburg) 1863
The Beauty of Lebanon, or The Mountain Spirit (Pugni) 1863
The Travelling Dancer (Pugni) 1865
Florida (Pugni) 1866
Faust (Panizza, Pugni) 1867
Le Roi Candaule* (Pugni) 1868
Don Quixote (Minkus) 1869
Catarina, or the Bandit’s Daughter (Pugni) 1870
Trilby (Gerber) 1871
Camargo (Minkus) 1872
The Butterfly (Minkus) 1874
The Naiad and the Fisherman (Pugni) 1874
The Bandits (Minkus) 1875
A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Mendelssohn, Minkus) 1876
La Bayadère* (Minkus) 1877
Roxana, the Beauty of Montenegro (Minkus) 1878
The Daughter of the Snows (Minkus) 1879
Mlada (Minkus) 1879
La Fille du Danube ( Adam) 1880
Zoraya, or the Moorish Girl in Spain (Minkus) 1881
La Vivandière (Pugni) 1881
Pâquerette (Benoist, Pugni, Minkus) 1882
Night and Day (Minkus) 1883
The Cyprus Statue (Pygmalion) (Trubetskoi) 1883
Giselle* (Adam) 1884
Coppelia* (Delibes) 1884
Le Diable à quatre (Adam, Minkus) 1885
La Fille mal gardée* (Hertel) 1885
The Magic Pills (Minkus) 1886
The King’s Command (Vizentini) 1886
The Offerings to Cupid (Minkus) 1886
Esmeralda* (Pugni, Drigo) 1886
The Tulip of Haarlem (Vietingoff-Scheel) 1887
Fiammetta (Minkus) 1887
The Vestal Virgin (Ivanov) 1888
The Talisman* (Drigo) 1889
The Caprices of a Butterfly* (Krotkov) 1889
The Sleeping Beauty* (Tchaikovsky) 1890
The Nenuphar (Krotkov) 1890
Calcabrino (Minkus) 1891
Sylphide (Schneitzhoffer, Drigo) 1892
The Nutcracker* (Tchaikovsky) 1892
Cinderella (Vietingoff-Scheel) 1893
The Awakening of Flora* (Drigo) 1894
Swan Lake* (Tchaikovsky) 1895
The Little Humpbacked Horse* (Pugni) 1895
La Halte de cavalerie* (Armsheimer) 1896
The Pearl (Drigo) 1896
Bluebeard (Schenk) 1896
Thetis and Peleus (Minkus, Delibes) 1897
Raymonda* (Glazunov) 1898
The Trial of  Damis* (Glazunov) 1900
The seasons (Glazunov) 1900
Harlequinade* (Drigo) 1900
The Pupils of Dupré* (Vizentini, Delibesand other) 1900
The Heart of the Marquise (Guiraud) 1902
The Magic Mirror (Koreshchenko) 1903
La Romance d’un Bouton de rose (Drigo) 1904