First performed on 15 December 1885
A comic ballet in three actes and four scenes

Music by Peter Ludwig Hertel
Libretto by Jean Dauberval
New version by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov after Jean Dauberval

Lise and Colin are in love with each other, but Lise’s widowed mother, Marceline, wants her daughter to marry feeble-minded Niçaise, the son of the wealthy Michaud.
Colin does not intend to accept that. He sneaks into the house where Lise and her mother live. Barely over the joy of discovering her beloved, Lise hears her mother’s steps approaching and hide him in her room. Seeing Colin’s kerchief around her daughter’s neck, Marcelline, loses her temper and locks Lise up in the same room. Michaud and his son arrive to conclude the marriage contract. they open the door to Lise’s room, and the girl and Colin come out together to meet them. Lise’s mother is disgraced and has no alternative but to agree to their marriage.

La Fille Mal Gardée (Drigo) 1885