Individual coaching

After short breaks we are back in ballet studio to work with you individually! Book your time: (teachers Anastasia Dunets or Stanislav Belyaevsky).
Basic ballet class work, technique improvement, pointe work, men’s technique, learning new variations, preparing for competition, floor barre, stretching.

Join us ONLINE 27-31.12.2022
Welcome to join us ONLINE 27-31.12.2022!
Enjoy our Christmas Holiday Offer!
Register on
before 24 December 2022!
Prices for Winter Intensive online classes 27.12-31.12:
  • Floor Barre 1 class 30 min – 10 euro
  • Floor Barre 5 classes 30 min – 40 euro
  • Ballet 1 class 90 min – 20 euro
  • Ballet 5 classes 90 min – 80 euro
  • Floor Barre + Ballet 1 day – 25 euro
  • Floor Barre + Ballet 5 days – 100 euro
Floor Barre – 10:00-10:30
Ballet Class – 10:40-12:10
(Eastern European Time
UTC/GMT +2 hours)
Johanna Nuutinen – contemporary dance teacher of Winter Ballet Intensive 2022-2023
Choreographer Johanna Nuutinen has created stage and cinema productions at the crossroads of visual and performing arts since 2011. She has created commissioned works for the Finnish National Ballet, the West Australian Ballet, Tero Saarinen Company and Skånes Dansteater.
Before embarking on a freelance career in 2017, she was a dancer at the Finnish National Ballet and created a successful career with the company while dancing soloist parts in works by Ohad Naharin, William Forsythe, Johan Inger, Jacobo Godani, Sylvie Guillem, John Neumeier, Tero Saarinen, Jorma Elo, Cathy Marston and Jorma Uotinen among others.
The contemporary dance company Johanna Nuutinen +Collaborators was formed in 2016 to support the artistic work which Johanna Nuutinen creates with her team. Johanna is interested in evoking inner journeys which stir up emotions, awaken kinesthetic empathy, create a space for reflection, and question our surroundings in a new light.
Welcome to Winter Ballet Intensive 2022-2023!

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27 December 2022 – 8 January 2023
(27-31.12.2022 / 2-8.1.2023)
Helsinki, Finland
Helsinki is very beautiful in Winter. Christmas holidays is one of the best time to visit the city and to celebrate a New Year’s Eve, to meet new friends and to learn something new about ballet.
• 12 days (or 5/7 days)of intensive training in spacious studios under the guidance of experienced teachers and accompaniment of professional musicians.
• 5 hours daily!
• The course includes classical ballet lessons, pointe technique, men’s technique, repertoire, acting classes, improvisation and contemporary dance, floor barre, and stretching.
• Two age groups: 12-14 and 15+.
• Open classes and demonstration for parents on the last day.
We are welcoming students from all around the World!
On demand:
Individual coaching in the afternoon.
Professional ballet photo-session with Stanislav Belyaevsky

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Registration is open for LETO BALETA 2023 Summer Ballet Camp

2-15 August 2023
AquaLife, Kranevo, Bulgaria


The best way to get back in shape for the new school year is to finish your summer by the sea with intensive training under the guidance of experienced coaches!

• 13 nights in a comfortable hotel of sport centre Aqua Life: 3 meals a day, swimming pool, access to the Black sea beach.
• 12 days of intensive training with experienced international teachers.
The participants are divided into 2 age groups: 12 – 15 years old, and 16 +.
• The workshop includes classical ballet, pointe technique, men’s technique, variations, classical repertoire, character dance, acting classes, floor barre, stretching up to 5 1/2 hours a day.
• The course will end with a Final Gala-Concert with all participants on the open-air stage.

Let’s get together to learn a new repertoire, to improve your technique, to perform, and meet new friends from all over the world!

Individual coaching in the afternoon.
Professional ballet photo-session with Stanislav Belyaevsky

Instagram: @summerballetcamp
Facebook: summerballetcamp
Information in Bulgarian:


Welcome to INTERNATIONAL BALLET GALA 2022 LETO BALETA Summer Ballet Camp in Kranevo Bulgaria!
11 August
main stage

Instagram accounts of participants:




YouTube link (broadcast):

@winterballetintensive HELSINKI FINLAND

July in Costa Rica

Anastasia Dunets and Stanislav Belyaevsky continue successful work at ballet schools of Costa Rica. Until the end of July they will share their knowledge with students and young dancers from different regions of this beautiful country.

Festival CBDD Kids Porto Alegre Brazil

At the end of June 2022 Anastasia Dunets participated in Festival CBDD Kids Porto Alegre. She was member of international jury as well as teacher of workshops.

Helsinki International Ballet Competition 2022

One day to go! Pinja Rissanen and Aino Louhivaara working hard in studio with our AfterPetipa team teachers Anastasia Dunets and Stanislav Belyaevsky! Soon they will present their work on stage! Good luck to all peticipante of Helsinki International Ballet Competition 2022!

LETO BALETA 2022 Summer Ballet Camp

Less than 3 months before we meet again in Kranevo Aqua Life! Can’t wait to see our returning and new participants! If you still didn’t register go ahead REGISTRATION! Join our team 2022!


See you soon in Berlin! From 17 February we are back in Tanzolymp after our last visit 3 years ago in February 2019. Anastasia will come with a student, Stanislav will be part of jury as well as coaching ballet classes.

Ballet COPPELIA in Costa Rica

We are very pleased to introduce you the new production of AfterPetipa in cooperation with DBS San José, Costa Rica. Performances will be held on 22, 23 and 24 October 2021.

Live interview ESPAÑOL / РУССКИЙ


23:00 / MOSCOW
22:00 / HELSINKI
21:00 / MADRID
14:00 / MEXICO


Stanislav Belyaevsky & Anastasia Dunets

LIVE WITH Vadim Proshichev

New video published (Ilka’s variation from THE ENCHANTED FOREST)

How can you imagine Ilka’s variation from Lev Ivanov’s one-act ballet THE ENCHANTED FOREST? Have a look at a new video published on the page of this ballet – THE ENCHANTED FOREST. The first variation was restored by Stanislav Belyaevsky using choreographic notation from the Harvard Theatre Collection at Houghton Library (“The Sergeev Collection”) and presented by Katerina Torp.


LIVE! Stanislav Belyaevsky and Anastasia Dunets – DANCEHELP.RU

Record of live online chat from 6 June 2020 was premiered today on YouTube channel DANCEHELP.RU.  Now you can watch it anytime! Enjoy!

It is in Russian, but hopefully, some of your Russian friends will translate it for you!

“ – хореографу в помощь” был в прямом эфире 6 июня в 18:30

Как артистам балета построить карьеру за рубежом? Эфир со Станиславом Беляевским и Анастасией Дунец

LIVE со Станиславом Беляевским и Анастасией Дунец — артистами балета многих зарубежных трупп, выпускниками Академии балета А.Я. Вагановой.

Ныне Станислав и Анастасия являются педагогами и хореографами, они готовят студентов профессиональных учебных заведений к балетным конкурсам, помогают артистам балета подготовить танцевальные партии для спектаклей. Также осуществляют профессиональные постановки классических балетов.

6 июня (сб) в 18:30 по МСК

Поговорим о:
— Начале карьеры в Мариинском театре и переходе в труппу Государственной Берлинской Оперы.
— Работе в качестве артистов в Финском Национальном балете.
— В какой момент вы начали ставить балеты, заниматься репетиторской работой?
— Вашей системе работы с классическим наследием и основных направлениях деятельности в настоящее время.

Станислав Беляевский как фотограф:

? Свои вопросы Станиславу и Анастасии вы сможете задать в прямом эфире!

New video published (Raymonda variation)

Don’t miss a new video published on the page of the ballet Raymonda RAYMONDA! The first variation from the Dream scene choreography by Marius Petipa was restored by Stanislav Belyaevsky using choreographic notation from the Harvard Theatre Collection at Houghton Library (“The Sergeev Collection”) and presented by Katerina Torp.