First performed on 5 April 1887
Ballet fantastique in one act

Music by Riccardo Drigo
Choreography by Lev Ivanov

In a Hungarian forest, the young Ilka is separated from her friends during a storm. Distraught, she faints by a great oak tree. Genies and dryads appear and take delight in her beauty, but they frighten her. Their master, the Genie of the Forest appears and falls in love with Ilka. He begs her to stay and rule his realm with him as his queen, but when discovering that Ilka has a human fiancé, he threatens her and she faints again. Her friends enter, find Ilka, and her fiancé, Josy revives her. Ilka recounts her experiences and joins Josy and their friends in a series of joyful dances.

The Enchanted Forest (Drigo) 1887