Johanna Nuutinen

Contemporary Dance Teacher
Choreographer Johanna Nuutinen has created stage and cinema productions at the crossroads of visual and performing arts since 2011. She has created commissioned works for the Finnish National Ballet, the West Australian Ballet, Tero Saarinen Company and Skånes Dansteater.
Before embarking on a freelance career in 2017, she was a dancer at the Finnish National Ballet and created a successful career with the company while dancing soloist parts in works by Ohad Naharin, William Forsythe, Johan Inger, Jacobo Godani, Sylvie Guillem, John Neumeier, Tero Saarinen, Jorma Elo, Cathy Marston and Jorma Uotinen among others.
The contemporary dance company Johanna Nuutinen +Collaborators was formed in 2016 to support the artistic work which Johanna Nuutinen creates with her team. Johanna is interested in evoking inner journeys which stir up emotions, awaken kinesthetic empathy, create a space for reflection, and question our surroundings in a new light.
Photographer: Tuukka Koski